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The art of T H R E A D I N G !!!!

The perfect solution to our long-time cosmetic problem? Why………..THREADING of course!

THREADING is a proven ages-old form of hair removal practiced in India, Nepal, China and the Middle East and now it has become popular in United States.

THREADING is the perfect facial hair removal alternative to waxing, depilatory creams, tweezing, or laser. There will be no rashes or skin irritation. It is effective on even the finest hair, leaving the hair slow to return. . The procedure uses a 100% cotton thread which is twisted and pulled along the skin surface, lifting hair directly from the follicle. As the facial hair is removed, only a slight pinch is felt. There is no burning, peeling, or irritation and is good for getting rid of in-grown hairs.

THREADING can be used for the women over the entire face, and for the men’s beards, mustaches, and side bones.

Our Service:

  • Eyebrows threading
  • Facial
  • Waxing
  • Henna Tattoo
  • Hair Design

Check out the new trend! THREADING!

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