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LoVe LoVe LoVE This Place!!!! It’s located in North Dallas near the Galleria on Preston Rd.

Eva totally rocks. I've been going to the same “red doored salon” for a few years and thought I'd check out another place again. However after having not one but 2 bad sessions, I decided it was time to look again.

I literally grew my brows out for 3 plus month because another salon messed them up! So they had a lot to work with....

Decided to give this place a try, I went and met with Eva she did a GREAT job on my eyebrows!!

I look Human Again!!! LoVe Them!!!!
Yup LoVe Them A Lot!!! :-)




In my never ending journey towards beauty nirvana, I recently took a delightful and unexpected turn when I stumbled into the threading salon of Ms. Mala.

Threading is an ancient technique of hair removal practiced in Asian and Middle Eastern countries for centuries. The practice involves intertwining thread between the hairs on your eyebrows, chin or face and pulling the hairs out in a very precise and even manner. The practice is nearly painless not to mention quick. The best part? After your threading has finished in about five-eight minutes, you don't leave the salon with a cherry red complexion and irritated bumps likely to turn into their own colony of white heads on your skin. Instead, you leave with calm gorgeous skin and a rather heavy pocketbook because the eyebrow threading costs $8.

Everest Salon located in East Dallas offers impeccable service not to mention a clean atmosphere. I was there when she opened, and she had me in the chair and out within 10 minutes. She warmly welcomes walk ins, and the other woman waiting with me told me that the best part of the experience is being able to run in on her way to work or after work and knowing Mala will fit her in without any attitude or drama.

I am already looking forward to my return visit to Mala, and I plan on interviewing her more on the art of threading for a future post. However, don't wait for that post to try out threading because I have a feeling that Ms. Mala is going places..one spool at a time.
Jennifer Cross

Jennifer Cross



I loved this salon! I went to the Irving Location and it was awesome. The price is a low $8 for your eyebrows and the place is wonderful! I had my eyebrows done and have already had tons of compliments! I will for sure go back to this wonderful place and recommend it to all my friends!

Stephanie N.



Mala was one of the best I have ever been to, She had a small place but did an exceptionally good job on my eyebrows and paid alot of attention to what she was doing.



All the eyebrow threading places in dallas but since my eyebrows take eons to grow back I have only been to Everest threading salon.Kim has threaded my eyebrows and upper lip with carefully.She is very professional and perfect,boooooooooooommmmmm,her work is excellent.she looks very preety and her eyebrow also very nice too. and she told me yes, i am in fri-sat in this place so everyone go there..in everest salon!!!




I went to get my eyebrows done and lip. I had been to a few places and never was happy with the shape of the brow... they always took too much off. one sweet girl was Kim there,and she listened to my needs and was so good! Super professional and nice and my eyebrows have never looked better. She also made helpful suggestions about growing hair back. My lip threadng was good too. I only waited a few minutes and then uhhhhhhhhhh!!!!! I have found my threader! And yes that place was also near to me..love it!!!




I recently moved from Chicago where I had been going to one specific threading aesthetician for over 5 years. I guess it also helps to say I naturally have uneven, hard to groom eyebrows. My lady in Chicago was definitely a find and when I moved to Dallas, finding someone to do my eyebrows as well as she did I knew would be a daunting task. I have been to a few salons since I have moved here. "Wink" absolutely ruined my eyebrows, so luckily I had a trip planned to visit the family in Chicago, so I went back to my lady there. She fixed them as best she could but after 3 weeks of returning from Chicago, and having my eyebrows look unkempt, I searched Yelp to help identify potential other salons. I decided to try Everest Eyebrow Threading Salon. Boy, what a find! I explained my situation to the threader "Sheena" and she listened intently (good sign). When she was done, I felt like I was back in Chicago with my other aesthetician! I was very happy with her work and will definitely be back to see her again in a few weeks. It is also only a mile away from my house, so even BETTER! I am glad to have found this salon in Yelp.

Anju s



I went today, Sunday, one hour before closing time. I didn't have an appointment, but I was given service right away. I loved the service- the place was small but immaculately clean. The service was great and very friendly. I love how my eyebrows look- they make such a difference!

I used to go all the way to Richardson but this place is better and closer to my house. No waiting time and they used fresh thread (cause at the other place I went to it seemed like the lady always used the same piece).

Very affordable- eyebrows were $8 and lips $4.

LOVE IT! Highly recommended!

rusario j



with all the insane things i do to my skin, waxing is one of those things i avoid. long story, don't ask. so i prefer threading, but it's hard to find someone to do that in dallas. forget the ladies who do it for $2 like my friends in toronto and new york brag about...

that said, i paid $8, which is pretty good. she did a great job and was very patient with my constant sneezing (par for the course with eyebrow defoliation). she's definitely going to be in my regular rotation of grooming from now on.

mavy n



This is an overdue review. I decided to do a comparison shop of all the eyebrow threading places in Dallas but since my eyebrows take eons to grow back I have only been to Everest and Heena.

I am surprised that no one has mentioned that Everest is inside of a "beauty center." Its only one shop inside of a huge salon and I walked by it twice before I had to stop and ask the front desk for directions. They are very quick and pleasant, and as another yelper wrote, they like shape your eyebrows thin. They were very thorough with me and I have never had eyebrows that thin before and I like it, its a nice change of pace.

belty l



My sister & I went to have our eyebrows threaded on Sunday. We didn't have an appointment & Heena graciously took us as walk-ins. My eyebrows had almost completely grown in & Sheena had her work cut out for her. I told her what I wanted my eyebrows to look like and she completely exceeded my expectations. My eyebrows are perfect. My sister was also very pleased with her eyebrows and she is very particular about who she sees for threading services. She is clean, quick, & professional. For $8, I will definitely return for future services.

mitz t



Mala at Everest Salon is by far the best stylist around. She is the only person I trust to take care of my salon needs. I have been going to her for years and will continue to visit her solely.

Diana Gonzalez


Mala, you have done a wonderful with my eye brows for me and my family. We enjoy your warm personality and the affordable rates. With the gas prices sky rocketing, it is good to know that you have a stylist that will work with you.

Keep up the good work!


Portia Williams


I would like to take the time to express the satisfaction I have felt with the services Mala has provided to me. She was recommended to me by a close friend, Diana Gonzalez, and I have never visited another beauty salon since. Mala has threaded my eyebrows and upper lip with care and grace each time. The best part is Mala's friendliness and the kind treatment she provides at each visit. I truly am content with the services she has rendered to me. Sincerely, Diana Argueta

Diana Argueta


I have been using Mala for her service for almost 3 years. She is very professional and puntual; her work is excellent. She take time and attention to detail. I highly reccomend her.

Mita P.

My experience at Everest Salon has been nothing short of wonderful. Mala performs each and every job with meticulous care.

I trust no one in the entire Dallas metroplex to thread my eyebrow except Mala.

She understands the importance of beautifully groomed and shaped eyebrows and their impact on the entire face. I've never left the salon dissatisfied. Previous beauticians either left them too thin, caused scarring and cuts, or chose unflattering eyebrow shape/arches for my face.

Mala knows exactly what to do and I don't even need to tell her - that's one of the most important qualities in a great beautician - an ability to know exactly what to do with minimal guidance - and Mala defines this standard.

I always know I'm in good hands with Mala. I would recommend her to anyone wanting a quality, affordable, trustworthy, reliable, and dedicated beautician.

Amisha Sura

Have been going to Mala for over 2 years now for threading and
waxing. She does a quality job for a low price and uses great waxes
like chocolate wax and green tea wax, which are perfect for my face
because of my sensitive skin. She also uses aloe cream after each thread or wax to reduce bumps and help improve the skin. Mala always
accommodates my busy work and school schedule. She is a great stylist
and hard worker. I would recommend her to anyone who is looking for a
great wax or thread!

Shanaz Cooper

Mala has been doing my eyebrows for more than 3 year now. She always makes her self available and always does a fantastic job with my threading! I now won't allow just anyone to thread my face but will only let a true professional do them. I would recommend Mala to anyone who is seeking a great threading experience.

Kayla B. Jones-Spradling


Mala is a wonderful threader! She creates such a beautiful brow line that really compliments each person's face. Convenient, affordable and efficient, anyone can work in 5 minutes to look fabulous! Her schedule is so easy to work with that you can drop in on your lunch hour or while running errands and be assured a friendly and professional Mala will have you looking great in no time. If you haven't been threaded by Mala, you don't know what you're missing!

- Debbie, Irving, TX


I wanted to take the time to express how wonderful Mala's services are and how much I appreciate her! I have only been in to see her a handful of times after succumbing to my curiosity of eyebrow threading, but I guarantee I will be coming back as long as she is there and I have already handed out business cards to a few friends. I didn't have to give her any direction, she just knew what would look best and each time I leave, I do so knowing that my brows look great because I constantly get compliments on them! I'll be back in a few weeks and look forward to years of great eyebrows and Mala's friendly service!

Ashli J. Herman


We have been going to see Mala for about two months now and she is an artist! We've been to other threaders and noone else can compare! It's private and intimate experience that keeps you coming back!

Lisa and Bonne




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